A to Z: How to Assign a USB Flash Drive Letter

When we plug in our USB flash drive and look under the My Computer menu, it looks a little like alphabet soup.  Random letters appear to represent each drive or removable device, but there is in fact a method to the madness.  A and B are always floppy drives and C to Z are hard […]

What does “Safely Remove Hardware” mean?

For anyone who has ever plugged in a USB device such as a USB flash drives or external storage, you may have noticed that you will have a bubble that appears that says “Safely Remove Hardware”. Or if you have used the device and are familiar with your bottom right taskbar, you will have noticed […]

USB Tip #10: Creating a Custom USB Icon

Rounding out our 10 USB tricks blogs is USB Tip #10: Creating a Custom USB Icon. Icons are a fairly subtle addition to a USB drive, but one that can help you take your personalization to that next level. With a custom USB icon, you could create a custom logo and put it as the […]

USB Tip#6: How to Autorun your Favorite Programs via USB Flash Drive

Today’s USB tip in our 10 USB Tips in 10 Days brings us to Tip #6: How to autorun your favorite programs on a USB flash drive. Now this USB tip is for multitasker in all of us as many of us are accustomed to run a certain series of programs every time we are […]

USB Tip#5: Never Forget Your USB Flash Drive Again!

Forgetting your USB drive at work or home can be a real pain. I know I have forgotten to take my USB drive to or from work occasionally and it has been a minor inconvenience or a real pain sometimes. But this problem can be avoided by following today’s Tip #5: Never forget your USB […]