How-To: USB Flash Drive Care Tips

If you own a USB flash drive, chances are that you have used-and-abused it without even knowing.  While they can surprisingly survive elements like extreme temperature or physical impact, these conditions will do nothing to help prolong the lifespan of your storage device.  You would think in our digital age that proper USB care would […]

A to Z: How to Assign a USB Flash Drive Letter

When we plug in our USB flash drive and look under the My Computer menu, it looks a little like alphabet soup.  Random letters appear to represent each drive or removable device, but there is in fact a method to the madness.  A and B are always floppy drives and C to Z are hard […]

What does “Safely Remove Hardware” mean?

For anyone who has ever plugged in a USB device such as a USB flash drives or external storage, you may have noticed that you will have a bubble that appears that says “Safely Remove Hardware”. Or if you have used the device and are familiar with your bottom right taskbar, you will have noticed […]

USB Tip #10: Creating a Custom USB Icon

Rounding out our 10 USB tricks blogs is USB Tip #10: Creating a Custom USB Icon. Icons are a fairly subtle addition to a USB drive, but one that can help you take your personalization to that next level. With a custom USB icon, you could create a custom logo and put it as the […]

USB Tip#6: How to Autorun your Favorite Programs via USB Flash Drive

Today’s USB tip in our 10 USB Tips in 10 Days brings us to Tip #6: How to autorun your favorite programs on a USB flash drive. Now this USB tip is for multitasker in all of us as many of us are accustomed to run a certain series of programs every time we are […]