How Our USB Cases Help Close Cases

When people think of industries that benefit most heavily from USB technology, visions of Silicon Valley are more likely to be dancing through their heads than their local courthouse. But here’s an interesting tidbit we’ve discovered over the years at Premium USB: USB technology has a big impact on our legal system!

ASU Goes Green With Digital Graduation Program

College graduation is a big deal! Young adults have completed four years, or more, of school and are ready (or not) to enter the working world. They have learned at the feet of great professors, learned how to live on their own and learned what they want to be when they grow up. Sharing such […]

College Licensed Flash Pac: Digital Orientation Packet

Whether you just happen to be a college recruiter looking to draw students to your institution, an orientation director looking for a new way to consolidate information, or a graduation administrator trying to reach everyone in time, don’t look further than the college licensed USB Flash Pac to customize your content and pack the biggest […]

Why Flash Pac USB Packaging Is Effective

A hybrid of storage concepts wrapped up into one innovative package, the Flash Pac USB case is unlike any other you’ll find.  As a matter of fact, it was born right here at Premium USB.  While we may be just a little biased in our love for this flash drive packaging, any objective eye cannot […]

Promotional USB Flash Drive Buyers Guide

With the promotional season in full swing, you may be rushing to quickly find a medium to help promote your new products or services. While mugs, caps, or pens might fulfill the need of obtaining a promo gift, they aren’t that exciting and give off a rather lackluster appearance; one that does not look good […]