USB Flash Drive Price Trends

What a difference a few years can make!  The USB flash drive prices of today are hardly recognizable compared to those of yesterday—and that’s a good thing.  Premium USB is ready to take you on a trip down memory lane (bad pun intended) to see how far we’ve come and where we’re headed. First however, […]

Best Flash Drives for Windows ReadyBoost

Only a few know about an amazing special feature introduced with Windows Vista (2006), one of the few, as well as Windows 7 (2009) known as Windows ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost, despite debuting on one of the worst operating systems in recent memory, is proving to be a powerhouse especially for users with older computers. It can […]

Tough Flash Drives: How a Basic Flash Drive can Withstand Tough Conditions

The little device you probably carry around on your keychain, in your purse, or even have tucked away in a desk drawer is a lot tougher than you might expect. USB flash drives are designed to take daily punishment for years and still function at the end of the day. This durability has more than […]

USB Risks and How to Combat Them

USB Flash Drives are without a doubt one of the most successful and widely adopted pieces of technology in the world today. They make our lives easier by allowing us to store and backup our personal data. However not all USB uses are harmless. In fact, recent security breaches made by USB flash drives have […]

USB Autorun FAQ

If you have not heard of a USB autorun; you’re now alone. A USB autorun is not common knowledge outside the technology industry and even within the industry it remains a mystery for many. From what it does, what it is used for, or even how to create one; USB autorun is a complicated application […]