What’s Inside A USB Drive?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a USB? You may not have the means or the time to crack open a flash drive and see what’s inside, but we do. Read on as we break down what’s inside a USB flash drive.


You might think, “USB Type-A, USB Type-C: isn’t it just more of the same?” Not quite. While the USB-C has a few things in common with its predecessors, it also features several innovations and technological enhancements that make it an exciting advancement in USB technology. Read on as Premium USB spells out the reasons why USB C is going to be the leader of the pack.

How to Format USB Flash Drives

Formatting a USB Flash drive isn’t something you hear on a daily basis, but is a very useful skill to know how to do if the situation arises. Formatting is useful for many things, including quickly deleting whole flash drives, repairing corrupted drives, as well as many others. Formatting becomes particularly useful when you need […]

Interview with Ajay Bhatt: Co-Inventor of the USB

Every so often, an inventor of one of the most commonly used technologies around the world come out of hiding and gets publicly recognized for his or her work. Recently on NBC’s Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Conan had the privilege of interviewing and picking the brain of Ajay Bhatt. Ajay Bhatt is the co-inventor […]