USB 3.0 Available For All With Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock F4U055

The USB 3.0 buzz has picked up as traditionally anti-USB companies like Apple and their MacBook Pro and Air computers have started to adopt the truly universal technology. As a greater influx of quality USB 3.0 flash drives and process are made available, companies only hinder themselves for ignoring this valuable technology. Most Mac users […]

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Is A Huge Advantage for Microsoft’s New Windows 8 Surface Tablet

USB Friendly – Microsoft Surface Tablet A Device for the Masses The Microsoft designers really went for the details in their first venture into Tablet hardware, chief among them two USB ports (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0) on the Windows 8 Professional version of the Surface Tablet. Measuring only 0.36-inches thin, they made sure it […]

USB 3.0 Versus Thunderbolt

Because of their platform affiliations, it seems like USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt were born natural enemies.  As it stands, the PC camp is all about SuperSpeed USB 3.0 while Apple is loyal to fostering the expansion of Thunderbolt.  The question everyone is demanding to know is, which interface is superior?  The answer is not so […]

Apple and USB 3.0: A Possible Duo?

USB 3.0 may finally be getting support from the most elusive, unlikely place for the interface:  Apple.  Rumors have been rapidly swirling online about the potential pair up after a post from VR-Zone.  According to the site, USB 3.0 for Macs all boils down to what is the driving force behind any business—money.  As a […]

“This Device Can Perform Faster” USB 3.0 Pop-up

So, you’re ready to dive into USB 3.0 with the promise of faster data transfers for your SuperSpeed flash drives, hard drives and other peripherals.  However, you’ve hit a roadblock that can be perplexing to even frequent computer users.  When you plug in your device, an annoying popup appears in the system tray: “This USB […]