USB 3.0 Has Strengths and Challenges

It’s taken USB 3.0 three years to get itself into the mainstream spotlight and get the attention it’s been getting today. Thanks to influential companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and AMD, who have been coming out left and right with devices and accessories compatible with the bus interface. As a result, minor technology companies are [...]

Lightning USB vs USB 3.0

The debut of the iPhone 5 comes with something for Apple product consumers: the new Lightning USB cable. In case you were wondering, Apple designed this new connector specifically for the iPhone 5, so far the only device that is natively compatible with the USB connector. The USB’s name has got some people claiming misrepresentation. [...]

USB 3.0 Cables to Power PCs and Peripherals

News of USB 3.0 cables eventually being used to power laptops and large power-hungry peripherals has been circulating for months. The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) finally has the semblance of something concrete to sate some of the public’s curiosity. This past July the forum was able to complete the standard for the new USB Power [...]

How Cables and Hubs Have Changed for USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 is a high-speed transfer technology that answers to the demand for higher transfer speeds required by the greater bandwidth demand from certain devices.  Also known as SuperSpeed, it offers major improvements such as higher transfer rates (up to 4.8Gbps), increased maximum bus power, new power management features, full-duplex data transfers, support for [...]

USB 3.0 Is Essential In An Ultrabook World

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a computer: size, operating system, appearance, battery life, etc. Fortunately, technology has really enhanced the quality and appeal of PC laptops from year to year. A number of advancements have attracted consumers into buying PC laptops. The demand for slimmer and lighter machines that don’t [...]