Most Popular Promotional Item

It comes as no surprise to us here at to hear that the number one promotional item among college students is the USB Flash Drive! Of course it is not hard to see why; today’s generation of college students was practically raised from childhood with a flash drive in their hand. Most children these [...]

World’s largest USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives have become a technology phenomenon. Said to be, by some people, the next logical step in memory, flash drives have steadily increased in capacity over the last few years. I can still remember as little as 5 years ago, 128MB flash drives were the industry standard. Today the industry standard is 1GB [...]

Guide: Maximizing your Print area!

Anyone who’s ever tried to make something themselves knows just how time consuming their project can become. In the promotional world, there is no room for error or skimping on quality. Today’s guide is to help our readers understand the importance of maximizing Print Area and getting bigger bang for your buck on promotional flash [...]

10 Tips to Make Your Next Custom USB Job Shine

At Premium USB we go through countless pieces of customer artwork every year and we always get asked the question by customers, “What can I do to make my Custom printed USB drives attract more clients?” Well there is no definite answer to that question, due to the nature that every customer’s artwork/promotional setup is [...]

Why do prices change so much for Custom USB Drives?

At Premium USB this question is something we hear quite a bit and I think it will benefit our customers if I take the time to answer it on this blog. If you were to take apart a USB flash drive, you would notice that it has a special chip inside that stores the memory. [...]