What’s The Difference Between USB, Micro USB, and Lightning?

At Premium USB, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is what is the difference between USB, Micro USB, and Lightning. It can be easy to be confused by all these different ports. On the surface, they look similar and behave in almost identical ways. But it would be a big mistake to think that they’re interchangeable! Read on as we break down the differences between these 3 formats.

What is Micro USB vs Mini USB Answered

Gone are the days when you had to live with multiple chargers – one for your cell phone, one for your PDA, one for your mp3 player and so forth. Nowadays, while travelling, you only carry one charger with you that fits all your devices – your cell phone, tablet and even your kindle. This […]

Google Tablet Nexus 7 Unveiled with Micro USB

Now that Google’s Nexus 7 has been unveiled, it is worth noting that, consistent with all the latest personal tech products, Micro USB (or Universal Serial Bus) is a significant feature. While predominantly used for charging, the fact that it is a quick and easy way to upload and download content makes this a serious […]