What’s Inside A USB Drive?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a USB? You may not have the means or the time to crack open a flash drive and see what’s inside, but we do. Read on as we break down what’s inside a USB flash drive.

Why Photographers Should Use Custom Flash Drives

As a professional photographer you work with great and interesting clients, from wedding parties and brides, newborns, beautiful family portraits and other great subjects. You have edited them, perfected every frame and eliminated every blemish. Then you likely burned them on to a CD or DVD to deliver to your client. Voila, you have done […]

Benchmarking Your USB Flash Drive

USB flash memory, the modern marvel for everyone has come to love and hate, is not all created equal. Like automobiles, jewelry, and other fine goods, there are levels to the quality and the price. In the USB world, you could have a promotional USB flash drive that is $100 for a certain memory size […]