5 Reasons Why Custom USBs Are Great For Marketing

The key to effective marketing is getting the right materials in front of the right people. And for a long time, the “right materials” meant the usual suspects: Business cards, direct mail, emails… While these are all valid and useful marketing tools in their own right, they’re also the tools that all your competitors are […]

How Our USB Cases Help Close Cases

When people think of industries that benefit most heavily from USB technology, visions of Silicon Valley are more likely to be dancing through their heads than their local courthouse. But here’s an interesting tidbit we’ve discovered over the years at Premium USB: USB technology has a big impact on our legal system!

What does “Safely Remove Hardware” mean?

For anyone who has ever plugged in a USB device such as a USB flash drives or external storage, you may have noticed that you will have a bubble that appears that says “Safely Remove Hardware”. Or if you have used the device and are familiar with your bottom right taskbar, you will have noticed […]

Tough Flash Drives: How a Basic Flash Drive can Withstand Tough Conditions

The little device you probably carry around on your keychain, in your purse, or even have tucked away in a desk drawer is a lot tougher than you might expect. USB flash drives are designed to take daily punishment for years and still function at the end of the day. This durability has more than […]