ASU Goes Green With Digital Graduation Program

College graduation is a big deal! Young adults have completed four years, or more, of school and are ready (or not) to enter the working world. They have learned at the feet of great professors, learned how to live on their own and learned what they want to be when they grow up. Sharing such […]

Searching for Celia Album White Flag Released on USB Drive

I got on the horn with Robby Jarstad of the band Searching for Celia. They wanted something memorable and unique for the album launch in February, 2013. The great idea was born to use a flash drive, designed out and ready for sale, loaded with the album and a few goodies. What they created was […]

Promotional USB Flash Drive Buyers Guide

With the promotional season in full swing, you may be rushing to quickly find a medium to help promote your new products or services. While mugs, caps, or pens might fulfill the need of obtaining a promo gift, they aren’t that exciting and give off a rather lackluster appearance; one that does not look good […]

Custom USB Drive Buyer’s Guide

Buying a USB or even buying many custom printed USB drives seems rather simple at first, but the more you dive into your particular options, the more overwhelming it may become. In the promotional USB market, there are literally thousands of combinations you can make between USBs, packaging options, printing options, accessories, as exactly how […]