Most Popular Custom USB Flash Drives

Like Jordan is to basketball, Tiger is to golf, and Ruth is to baseball; there are champions in the USB industry as well. These particular custom drives have not only proven to be excellent sellers, but they have proven to be excellent promotional drives as well. Our clients use these drives for a wider range […]

Custom USB Drives for the Sporting Enthusiast

Whether you’re a fan of Football, Soccer, Baseball, or any other sport, it is undeniable that sports have a major impact on our lives. There are moments in sports that can make you laugh, make you cry, and others that can make you wonder exactly what game the referee was watching. But wherever your passions […]

Custom USB Drive Buyer’s Guide

Buying a USB or even buying many custom printed USB drives seems rather simple at first, but the more you dive into your particular options, the more overwhelming it may become. In the promotional USB market, there are literally thousands of combinations you can make between USBs, packaging options, printing options, accessories, as exactly how […]

DIY USB Duplication: The Accutower XL2800 USB Flash Drive Duplicator

USB duplicators are starting to become increasingly popular with small business duplication companies as well as other non conventional organizations such as churches and schools. But as the market has slowly become saturated with companies advertising the “best” USB duplicator, end users are stuck wondering exactly what sets each duplicator apart and which one truly […]

Custom Shaped USB Drive for Arizona Association of Realtors

Based out of Phoenix Arizona, Premium USB often gets contacted by local businesses and organizations looking to beef up their next promotional campaign or promotion. Recently the Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) contacted Premium USB looking to make a Custom Shaped USB Drive. Now their goal was simple; create a custom-molded USB drive in the […]