ASU Goes Green With Digital Graduation Program

College graduation is a big deal! Young adults have completed four years, or more, of school and are ready (or not) to enter the working world. They have learned at the feet of great professors, learned how to live on their own and learned what they want to be when they grow up. Sharing such […]

Professional and Wedding Photography Custom Flash Drives

Premium USB is proud to launch a new line of flash drives for professional photographers. Custom USB Drives for photographers makes marketing and sharing portfolios easy and personal. Perfect for artists to market their work and share their portfolios, the new line of flash drives can be printed with the artists logo, contact information and […]

Custom USB Drive Customer Example from Orange County Fire Authority

Nothing makes us happier than when customers let us share their custom USB flash drive creativity with others.  After all, it gives potential customers and shoppers the truest sense of perspective—showing how USBs can be translated from an example on our website to a valid storage and promotional tool used by real people. Today, we […]

Check Out 8 Free USB Flash Drive Games

We talk so much about the multitude of professional storage uses for your USB flash drives—multimedia presentations, PDFs, financial records, marketing materials, homework—the list goes on.  Today we thought we’d have a little fun.  After all, custom USB drives make for nice high-tech toys, especially when you want to take a computer game on the […]

Custom Printed Flash Drives vs. Custom Shaped Flash Drives

There are two different paths you can choose from when creating a custom USB drives.  One is a custom printed flash drive; the other option, a custom shaped flash drive.  While they can be equally effective, one method will likely trump the other when your purpose for using the drive is taken into consideration.  Premium […]