Red 5 Studios Creates Custom Flash Drive

Red 5 Studios is a computer game company, dedicated to creating great online experiences for gamers all over the world. Referring to online communities as tribes, the company works hard to connect millions of gamers together for shared online experiences, which they believe offer a richer and deeper online gaming than simply a standalone game. […]

Use a Custom USB Drive for 32GB USB Storage for Xbox 360

Xbox users can now enjoy a special new feature that will provide better memory storage solutions for users. Get the maximum use out of the custom USB flash drives you have been given at tradeshows and marketing events. Microsoft has rolled out a new Xbox 360 dashboard update that will add a few new features […]

The Difference Between AutoRun and AutoPlay

Whether you insert a USB flash drive into a USB port or a disc into your system’s drive, what happens next is often misunderstood by users because of two seemingly interchangeable terms—AutoRun and AutoPlay.  But the truth is, these two technology features may start automatically but operate quite differently.  It’s important to know how these […]

A Look at Three Portable USB Browsers

What makes portable flash drive browsers so special is that they allow you to go online without leaving a digital footprint, which is especially helpful on a public computer where you may need to do anything from research to banking.  It’s as if you’re able to take your entire computer (all of your settings, history […]

Flash Drive Seek Time Myth Explained

Users tend to confuse USB drives for having a seek time in writing or retrieving data.  Granted, we have all experienced that momentary delay of the storage device in accessing our digital information.  But the truth is there is no such thing as a USB flash drive seek time by the traditional definition. So what […]