What’s The Difference Between USB, Micro USB, and Lightning?

At Premium USB, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is what is the difference between USB, Micro USB, and Lightning. It can be easy to be confused by all these different ports. On the surface, they look similar and behave in almost identical ways. But it would be a big mistake to think that they’re interchangeable! Read on as we break down the differences between these 3 formats.

Why Do The Prices of USB Chips Change So Much?

Ever wonder why the costs of USB flash drives keep changing? Premium USB breaks down the reasons why the prices on your favorite data storage tools keeps shifting.

Charge Your iPhone 5 with USB Cord

It is so frustrating to be the only iPhone user in an office, while everyone else uses an Android phone. Mostly because, if I forget to bring my special Apple-only connector to charge, I am out of luck! While all my co-workers can share their micro-USB chargers, I am stuck with a drained phone. It […]

Lightning USB vs USB 3.0

The debut of the iPhone 5 comes with something for Apple product consumers: the new Lightning USB cable. In case you were wondering, Apple designed this new connector specifically for the iPhone 5, so far the only device that is natively compatible with the USB connector. The USB’s name has got some people claiming misrepresentation. […]

Apple and USB 3.0: A Possible Duo?

USB 3.0 may finally be getting support from the most elusive, unlikely place for the interface:  Apple.  Rumors have been rapidly swirling online about the potential pair up after a post from VR-Zone.  According to the site, USB 3.0 for Macs all boils down to what is the driving force behind any business—money.  As a […]