USB Flash Drive

Custom USB Drive Customer Example from Orange County Fire Authority

Nothing makes us happier than when customers let us share their custom USB flash drive creativity with others.  After all, it gives potential customers and shoppers the truest sense of perspective—showing how USBs can be translated from an example on our website to a valid storage and promotional tool used by real people. Today, we […]

USB Flash Drive Myths Busted Part 2

This isn’t the first time we’ve dispelled USB flash drive myths.  Previously, we’ve proved that these sturdy little storage devices can be immune to damage from things like magnets and water.  Now we’re back for round 2 to lay more misconceptions to rest and demonstrate that flash drives are as awesome as we’ve always known […]

USB Flash Drives versus Microdrives

Before retail USB drives dominated the market, they experienced a little bit of a rivalry with a storage counterpart known as the Microdrive (MD).  While the product had its perks, the USB flash drive won consumer favor for more reasons than one.  Released by IBM in 1999, the Microdrive was a 1-inch hard disk made […]

Flash Drives Go For a Ride with Car USB Audio Systems

Today it’s indisputable that USB technology and flash drives are going along for the ride when it comes to rapidly evolving, high-tech car entertainment.  As we’ve previously reported, USB ports come not only equipped in custom stereo systems or FM transmitters, but are now built in thanks to “infotainment” systems like the Ford SYNC.  While […]

What Happened to USB Flash Drive Movie Kiosks?

They’re like Redbox—same home entertainment market potential—minus the popularity and millions of dollars in profits.  I’m talking about flash drive kiosks, where consumers can instantly download movies, music or games to their custom USB drives from convenient locations like corner gas stations or grocery stores.  The problem is, word on USB kiosk implementation has been […]