USB Drives

Five Methods for USB Flash Drive Security

It’s important that every flash drive user knows that there’s more than one way to protect your digital data.  These different layers of protection address multiple security concerns.  You should be armed with the knowledge of what’s out there to protect you and how custom USB flash drives are versatile in helping your data stay […]

Ford Cars Making the Switch from CD to USB

Cassette players, pay phones, film cameras, floppy disks.  Now Ford Motor Company is paving the way for CD players to join the ranks of these obsolete technologies.  The American automaker announced that it will officially start phasing out disc players in their car models in favor of a digital entertainment system complete with a USB […]

Department of Defense Introduces Linux USB Flash Drive Solution

USB flash drives and the government have had a complicated relationship.  While the Pentagon banned them from facilities in an attempt to combat data leaks, flash drives are now playing a crucial role in aiding the Department of Defense.  The government is confronted with growing security concerns over online accounts and departments being hacked as […]

Pros, Cons for Monolithic (COB) Flash Drives

They’re small, sleek and compact so naturally, people are drawn to chip on board (COB) flash drives.  When they’re produced, manufacturers coat the chip and circuit to create a single piece.  As a result, you may also hear these devices referred to as monolithic USB flash drives.  Being such a specialized USB product, there are […]

Funny USB Flash Drive Fails

Internet culture has evolved into some strange brands of humor and nowhere is this more evident than with FAILS.  At Premium USB, we’re mixing things up a bit and we’ve compiled a list of flash drive fails to keep you entertained.  Some may make you shake your head in vicarious embarrassment, others may make you […]