Flash Drives on the Go with Ford’s USB Music Box

Face it, if your car is an older model that’s not equipped with a USB port, your music options are limited to your CD player or your MP3 player connected by clunky adapters and cables that are more of a distraction than entertainment.  As a result, Ford has come up with a solution for some […]

Custom USB Drive Customer Example from Orange County Fire Authority

Nothing makes us happier than when customers let us share their custom USB flash drive creativity with others.  After all, it gives potential customers and shoppers the truest sense of perspective—showing how USBs can be translated from an example on our website to a valid storage and promotional tool used by real people. Today, we […]

USB Flash Drive Myths Busted Part 2

This isn’t the first time we’ve dispelled USB flash drive myths.  Previously, we’ve proved that these sturdy little storage devices can be immune to damage from things like magnets and water.  Now we’re back for round 2 to lay more misconceptions to rest and demonstrate that flash drives are as awesome as we’ve always known […]

Custom Shape USB Flash Drive Inspiration Ideas

Creative inspiration for custom shape USB drives comes from all kinds of places for us—from customer ideas to everyday objects.  What’s more is we love to keep up with the trends of our industry’s own creativity, which is why we compiled a list of some of the most fun, unique custom shaped flash drives offered […]

USB Flash Drives versus Microdrives

Before retail USB drives dominated the market, they experienced a little bit of a rivalry with a storage counterpart known as the Microdrive (MD).  While the product had its perks, the USB flash drive won consumer favor for more reasons than one.  Released by IBM in 1999, the Microdrive was a 1-inch hard disk made […]