What’s Inside A USB Drive?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a USB? You may not have the means or the time to crack open a flash drive and see what’s inside, but we do. Read on as we break down what’s inside a USB flash drive.


You might think, “USB Type-A, USB Type-C: isn’t it just more of the same?” Not quite. While the USB-C has a few things in common with its predecessors, it also features several innovations and technological enhancements that make it an exciting advancement in USB technology. Read on as Premium USB spells out the reasons why USB C is going to be the leader of the pack.

USB Compatibility With Windows RT

With Windows RT shipping out soon as the OS for Microsoft Surface – the MS answer to the iPad, consumers are eager to know which one of their USB flash drives and other devices will still be compatible with the new RT. In answer to this consumer demand, Microsoft made a website that list the […]

How To Play Songs From Your USB Flash Drive On Your Car Stereo

Ever since USB was introduced to computers, it has been invading other computer and entertainment devices that had previously been untouchable. Most high definition TVs, for example, are now equipped with USB ports, giving the user the opportunity to play movies without a DVD or Blu-ray player or the option to incorporate the TV into […]

Future of NAND Flash Memory: Triple Level Cell

Flash has become an ubiquitous word in anything concerned with memory storage nowadays. The storage format’s reign over the market is evidenced by the increasing number of tablets, smartphones, netbooks, and even solid-state drives (SSDs) equipped with it. NAND Flash memory’s ability to store so much in so little space is, perhaps, the one major […]