USB Troubleshooting

Why Do USB Ports Stop Working?

Don’t be alarmed if your USB ports aren’t working! In most cases, this is a problem that can be fixed easily. Before you pick up the phone and call the geek squad, try out a few of our troubleshooting tips for making “dead” USB ports come back to life.

How To Remove A Stuck USB Drive With A Paperclip

Small USB drives are very impressive feats of engineering. Stare at one long enough, and you start wondering how in the world they can fit all that data into something so tiny. They are great for laptops, since you don’t have to worry about them getting accidentally taken out by passersby when you are working […]

Apple Lightning Connectors Getting Stuck in USB Ports

The recent release of the new iPhone 5 has been another success in sales for Apple. The company was able to rake in the profits from a total of 5 million units sold in the span of three days after the iPhone’s official release. But for some users, the honeymoon phase has come to an […]

Let’s Talk USB Flash Drive Diagnostic Tools

We tend to focus a majority of our attention on the storage capabilities of our custom USB flash drives.  We forget that having a flash drive in our back pocket is equivalent to having a virtual tool belt poised to fix our computer system at a moment’s notice.  USB flash drive diagnostics can be performed […]

“This Device Can Perform Faster” USB 3.0 Pop-up

So, you’re ready to dive into USB 3.0 with the promise of faster data transfers for your SuperSpeed flash drives, hard drives and other peripherals.  However, you’ve hit a roadblock that can be perplexing to even frequent computer users.  When you plug in your device, an annoying popup appears in the system tray: “This USB […]