USB Troubleshooting

Apple Lightning Connectors Getting Stuck in USB Ports

The recent release of the new iPhone 5 has been another success in sales for Apple. The company was able to rake in the profits from a total of 5 million units sold in the span of three days after the iPhone’s official release. But for some users, the honeymoon phase has come to an […]

Let’s Talk USB Flash Drive Diagnostic Tools

We tend to focus a majority of our attention on the storage capabilities of our custom USB flash drives.  We forget that having a flash drive in our back pocket is equivalent to having a virtual tool belt poised to fix our computer system at a moment’s notice.  USB flash drive diagnostics can be performed […]

“This Device Can Perform Faster” USB 3.0 Pop-up

So, you’re ready to dive into USB 3.0 with the promise of faster data transfers for your SuperSpeed flash drives, hard drives and other peripherals.  However, you’ve hit a roadblock that can be perplexing to even frequent computer users.  When you plug in your device, an annoying popup appears in the system tray: “This USB […]

Common Flash Drive Mistakes We Make

Plug and play seems simple enough and on the majority of occasions, that’s all you really have to deal with for your custom USB flash drive.  However, we’re prone to make blunders along the way and have things go wrong.  So, what are the biggest flash drive mistakes we make?  There are plenty of them, […]

Problems with Flash Drive and Mac

There is no question that Apple has garnered a unique following of Mac enthusiasts. These devotees are captivated by the idea of Apple, thanks to incomparable marketing as well as products with clean, unobtrusive design, innovative function and intuitive use. Nonetheless, the glamour behind Apple is also marked by a deviation from the rest of […]