USB Tips

How Cables and Hubs Have Changed for USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 is a high-speed transfer technology that answers to the demand for higher transfer speeds required by the greater bandwidth demand from certain devices.  Also known as SuperSpeed, it offers major improvements such as higher transfer rates (up to 4.8Gbps), increased maximum bus power, new power management features, full-duplex data transfers, support for […]

Charge Your USB Gadgets Through the TV in Your Hotel Room When Travelling

So many different devices now can be powered via USB. The best thing about this is the universality of USB ports, nearly everywhere you go. But not as common as a plug outlet. Yet, with the increase in flat screen TVs, you now have a new option for keeping your devices charged. Have you ever […]

How USB OTG Improves Smartphone and Tablets Like Samsung Galaxy S3

In case you haven’t noticed, smartphones and tablets are really mini-computers. Compatible with a host of peripheral devices and software, mobile computing – in all its forms – is coming of age. Much like the advent of the powerful personal computer, OTG (On-The-Go) technology is on track to bring full mobile computing and make laptops […]

How-To: Create Your Own Icon for Your USB Flash Drive

Have you ever wanted to use a picture YOU chose for an icon? When you get a new flash drive, especially if it’s a Flashscot college logo USB drive, the icon is the same standard thing. With this How-To we show how to create an icon that will show up wherever you plug in your […]

Free Useful Tools For Custom Flash Drive Data Recovery

Unfortunately, lightning can and will strike when you least expect it.  In this instance, the lightning is a power outage, too many write cycles, accidental deletion, or a fatal error message, while the rod—is the data on your custom USB flash drive.  Your documents, software and multimedia seem to disappear into the digital abyss and […]