USB Tips & Education

Charge Your iPhone 5 with USB Cord

It is so frustrating to be the only iPhone user in an office, while everyone else uses an Android phone. Mostly because, if I forget to bring my special Apple-only connector to charge, I am out of luck! While all my co-workers can share their micro-USB chargers, I am stuck with a drained phone. It […]

USB Devices Get Recharged Faster: Here’s How

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve needed to recharge our devices but couldn’t get to a power outlet. For instance, it’s a rare occurrence to get close to a power outlet at a coffee shop or the airport. But with all of the mobile devices that you take with you while you’re on […]

How Cables and Hubs Have Changed for USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 is a high-speed transfer technology that answers to the demand for higher transfer speeds required by the greater bandwidth demand from certain devices.  Also known as SuperSpeed, it offers major improvements such as higher transfer rates (up to 4.8Gbps), increased maximum bus power, new power management features, full-duplex data transfers, support for […]

USB 3.0 Will Provide Increased Power Too

What if I told you that your laptop could be fully charged through USB? Just by connecting your laptop with USB 3.0, it will be possible! That is the promise of the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. They state, “[USB 3.0] is capable of delivering higher power to charge notebook PCs and power external hard-disk drives, […]

How To Clone Your Mac On A USB Hard Drive

It is not usually convenient to carry around your big old desk top Mac. But you may want to work on a project that your started in the office, carry it home and continue working at the house. This simple How To shows you that you can take your new OS X Mountain Lion for […]