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What To Look For When Buying Custom USB Flash Drives

The right custom USB can take your business to the next level! But how do you find a custom drive that’s right for your organization? Premium USB is here to help. Check out our handy guide on how to find the best USB for your brand.

College Licensed Flash Pac: Digital Orientation Packet

Whether you just happen to be a college recruiter looking to draw students to your institution, an orientation director looking for a new way to consolidate information, or a graduation administrator trying to reach everyone in time, don’t look further than the college licensed USB Flash Pac to customize your content and pack the biggest […]

Custom USB Drive Customer Example from Orange County Fire Authority

Nothing makes us happier than when customers let us share their custom USB flash drive creativity with others.  After all, it gives potential customers and shoppers the truest sense of perspective—showing how USBs can be translated from an example on our website to a valid storage and promotional tool used by real people. Today, we […]

Creative Custom USB Flash Drive Inspiration: The Red Cross Bloodrive

The potential for impact of custom USB flash drives is what you make of it.  Some marketing campaigns and giveaways are content with distributing plain flash drives with a simple logo.  However, we can learn from the creativity of other promotional campaigns that exceed expectations.  We happened to stumble on creative designer Robert Williams’ American […]

Best Promotional USB Flash Drive Trends

Our industry is constantly changing so that you can use USB flash drive more effectively for your needs.  A big part of that is an evolution in style.  They’ve transformed from boring, rectangular USB sticks into novel shapes that have now been modified today to serve as storage devices that not only look good, but […]