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Interview with Ajay Bhatt: Co-Inventor of the USB

Every so often, an inventor of one of the most commonly used technologies around the world come out of hiding and gets publicly recognized for his or her work. Recently on NBC’s Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Conan had the privilege of interviewing and picking the brain of Ajay Bhatt. Ajay Bhatt is the co-inventor [...]

Why do prices change so much for Custom USB Drives?

At Premium USB this question is something we hear quite a bit and I think it will benefit our customers if I take the time to answer it on this blog. If you were to take apart a USB flash drive, you would notice that it has a special chip inside that stores the memory. [...]

Get USB copies fast with USB Preloading Service

Copy. Paste. Two of the most fundamental functions that novice or advanced computer users use on a daily basis. It can be convenient, or pains taking depending on your computer hardware and the size/amount of files. More than likely, if you are copying files constantly, you are probably using a USB flash drives, as they [...]