OCZ Flash Drives

Toshiba Acquires OCZ Technology, Relaunches as Subsidiary

  In December, we wrote about the surprising news that OCZ Technology filed for bankruptcy. The company was a major player in the USB flash drive, solid-state drive, and PC memory markets. Now, the company’s assets have been acquired by rival memory manufacturer Toshiba, who have announced that they will resume operations as OCZ Storage […]

OCZ Technology Files for Bankruptcy

According to news reports, San Jose-based OCZ Technology has filed for bankruptcy as of November 27, 2013. The company manufactured a wide variety of NAND flash products including solid-state drives, USB flash drives, computer memory, and other PC peripherals such as high-efficiency power supplies. Since they were founded in 2000, OCZ has stuck to the […]

Tough Enough? USB Flash Drive Durability Test (Video)

Dropping, dunking, crushing, searing, smashing—we’re not talking about an action blockbuster or match in a wrestling ring.  We’re talking about a series of tests that seven name brand USB flash drives faced all in the name of durability.  What’s more is that we caught it on tape for your enjoyment! Premium USB’s inspiration was sparked […]