How To Sync USB Flash Drive and Computer

We’ve all done it before—making document changes that are saved to our flash drive while working on a remote computer only later to have to copy that updated file to our own PC or laptop.  However, things get a little sticky once we make multiple changes back and forth, attempting to keep the most recent […]

Showdown of USB Benchmarking Tools

Not all USB drives are created equal just like all USB benchmarking programs are not created equal. Whether you just don’t have the time to spend figuring out which benchmark program is best or don’t feel confident enough to evaluate and judge the many different programs, do not worry. We here at Premium USB have […]

Promotional USB Flash Drive Buyers Guide

With the promotional season in full swing, you may be rushing to quickly find a medium to help promote your new products or services. While mugs, caps, or pens might fulfill the need of obtaining a promo gift, they aren’t that exciting and give off a rather lackluster appearance; one that does not look good […]

USB Tip #10: Creating a Custom USB Icon

Rounding out our 10 USB tricks blogs is USB Tip #10: Creating a Custom USB Icon. Icons are a fairly subtle addition to a USB drive, but one that can help you take your personalization to that next level. With a custom USB icon, you could create a custom logo and put it as the […]

USB Tip #9: Sync Your Data on a USB Flash Drive!

Perhaps one of the easiest and most underused utility of a USB flash drive is its ability to synch, or backup, your computers information. Saving files on a USB drive is fairly common, but not many people have made the leap to use a USB drive to sync their most important files. Today’s USB tip, […]