Custom USB

Paul and Storm Musical Comedy Duo Custom USB

We recently wrote about 4 Tips for Marketing Your Business. Choosing a promotional item that has actual value and represents  your brand is key. However, in the crowded world of promotional products, water bottles and packaged mints are all too common and really don’t provide the lasting value a customer wants. Creating something custom is […]

Use a Custom USB Drive for 32GB USB Storage for Xbox 360

Xbox users can now enjoy a special new feature that will provide better memory storage solutions for users. Get the maximum use out of the custom USB flash drives you have been given at tradeshows and marketing events. Microsoft has rolled out a new Xbox 360 dashboard update that will add a few new features […]

How Custom USB Flash Drives Are Made Video

Ever wondered how custom USB flash drives are made? These totally touchable tech gadgets are more than just for digital storage – they are a the perfect way to reflect a personality, a company, a school or anything you can possibly dream up. From logos to mascots, the process of designing a custom flash drive […]

Creative Custom USB Flash Drive Inspiration: The Red Cross Bloodrive

The potential for impact of custom USB flash drives is what you make of it.  Some marketing campaigns and giveaways are content with distributing plain flash drives with a simple logo.  However, we can learn from the creativity of other promotional campaigns that exceed expectations.  We happened to stumble on creative designer Robert Williams’ American […]

Custom Shape USB Flash Drive Inspiration Ideas

Creative inspiration for custom shape USB drives comes from all kinds of places for us—from customer ideas to everyday objects.  What’s more is we love to keep up with the trends of our industry’s own creativity, which is why we compiled a list of some of the most fun, unique custom shaped flash drives offered […]