Custom Shaped Flash Drives

Free People Commissions Custom Flash Drive

Fashion. Art. Music. Travel. And everything in between. This is how a Free People woman lives her life – a free spirit who pushes the limits in the name of adventure while remaining a strong woman who paves her path in today’s world. Premium USB is proud to partner with Free People by providing it […]

Red 5 Studios Creates Custom Flash Drive

Red 5 Studios is a computer game company, dedicated to creating great online experiences for gamers all over the world. Referring to online communities as tribes, the company works hard to connect millions of gamers together for shared online experiences, which they believe offer a richer and deeper online gaming than simply a standalone game. […]

Searching for Celia Album White Flag Released on USB Drive

I got on the horn with Robby Jarstad of the band Searching for Celia. They wanted something memorable and unique for the album launch in February, 2013. The great idea was born to use a flash drive, designed out and ready for sale, loaded with the album and a few goodies. What they created was […]

Paul and Storm Musical Comedy Duo Custom USB

We recently wrote about 4 Tips for Marketing Your Business. Choosing a promotional item that has actual value and represents  your brand is key. However, in the crowded world of promotional products, water bottles and packaged mints are all too common and really don’t provide the lasting value a customer wants. Creating something custom is […]

How Custom USB Flash Drives Are Made Video

Ever wondered how custom USB flash drives are made? These totally touchable tech gadgets are more than just for digital storage – they are a the perfect way to reflect a personality, a company, a school or anything you can possibly dream up. From logos to mascots, the process of designing a custom flash drive […]