Custom Flash Drives

How To Create Recycle Bin On USB Flash Drive

Between videos, songs, pictures and documents, the gigs can pile up quickly on your custom USB drive.  While many flash drives hold more data than you realize, you may be inclined to routinely delete files as a way to stay organized or free up room for larger downloads.  Maybe you just go click-crazy when it […]

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drive for Musician

Our team at Premium USB is always happy to show off our latest work for two reasons.  First, we are proud of the customized USB flash drive options we are able to provide.  Second, it gives other customers context in demonstrating how we can bring their designs to life. Recently, Premium USB had the opportunity […]

Most Popular Custom USB Flash Drives

Like Jordan is to basketball, Tiger is to golf, and Ruth is to baseball; there are champions in the USB industry as well. These particular custom drives have not only proven to be excellent sellers, but they have proven to be excellent promotional drives as well. Our clients use these drives for a wider range […]

Custom USB Drives for the Sporting Enthusiast

Whether you’re a fan of Football, Soccer, Baseball, or any other sport, it is undeniable that sports have a major impact on our lives. There are moments in sports that can make you laugh, make you cry, and others that can make you wonder exactly what game the referee was watching. But wherever your passions […]

5 Custom Flash Drives for Mom this holiday season

No it it’s not mother’s day, but why should you wait to give your mother something special? After all she only brought you into this world, raised you from an infant and provided as much love as a person can endure. Ok ill stop with the guilt trip, but in all honesty most of us […]