Custom Flash Drives

What It Takes to Get a Custom Shaped USB Drive

Getting a custom shaped USB flash drive made from scratch may seem like a daunting task for customers when compared to ordering plain flash drives or bulk USBs.  However at Premium USB, we want to make the custom shape creation process as easy and unintimidating as possible because we know these types of drives will [...]

Premium USB Introduces Flashscots: Collegiate USB Flash Drives

Premium USB is proud to debut an entirely new category of products—collegiate USB flash drives, which are also known as Flashscot custom USB drives.  The launch of our university flash drive series has been months in the making.  We’ve been hard at work designing mascot USB drives as well as obtaining the proper rights to [...]

Creative Custom USB Flash Drive Inspiration: The Red Cross Bloodrive

The potential for impact of custom USB flash drives is what you make of it.  Some marketing campaigns and giveaways are content with distributing plain flash drives with a simple logo.  However, we can learn from the creativity of other promotional campaigns that exceed expectations.  We happened to stumble on creative designer Robert Williams’ American [...]

How Students, Teachers Can Use Wearable USB Flash Drives

The line between portable technology devices and fashion has become increasingly blurred over the last few years, especially in terms of custom shape USB flash drives.  We can credit the industry’s ability to make NAND flash smaller as well as more reliable and affordable.  Consequently, these tiny, wearable gadgets have the versatility to take pretty [...]

Custom Carabiner USB and Bottle Opener USB Debut

At Premium USB, we continually strive to expand our product offerings to equip you with the best digital tools available for your marketing and business efforts.  Once again, we’ve followed through with that commitment with the debut of two new advertising USB drives that are sure to bring a little adventure to your life:  the [...]