Custom Flash Drives

How Custom USB Flash Drives Are Made Video

Ever wondered how custom USB flash drives are made? These totally touchable tech gadgets are more than just for digital storage – they are a the perfect way to reflect a personality, a company, a school or anything you can possibly dream up. From logos to mascots, the process of designing a custom flash drive […]

Creative Custom USB Flash Drive Inspiration: The Red Cross Bloodrive

The potential for impact of custom USB flash drives is what you make of it.  Some marketing campaigns and giveaways are content with distributing plain flash drives with a simple logo.  However, we can learn from the creativity of other promotional campaigns that exceed expectations.  We happened to stumble on creative designer Robert Williams’ American […]

Say “I Do” to Flash Drive Wedding Favors

Forget the Jordan almonds, scented soaps, candles, coasters, bows and ribbons—there’s a different kind of wedding favor with a digital twist that will please a diverse range of guests:  flash drive wedding favors.  Most guests would rather not carry a favor home unless it provides them some sort of instant use or long term value.  […]

Custom Printed Flash Drives vs. Custom Shaped Flash Drives

There are two different paths you can choose from when creating a custom USB drives.  One is a custom printed flash drive; the other option, a custom shaped flash drive.  While they can be equally effective, one method will likely trump the other when your purpose for using the drive is taken into consideration.  Premium […]

Building the Perfect USB Flash Drive

In our specialized field of technology products, Premium USB comes across some of the most bizarre, outlandish flash drives and other peripheral gadgets you could ever imagine.  While many are enough to make you cringe (taxidermied mouse flash drive or air-conditioned USB tie anyone?) there are several bright spots in custom USB drives development that […]