Consumer Electronic Show

CES 2015: Samsung 850 EVO and 850 PRO SSDs

The falling cost and increasing reliability of solid-state drives (SSDs) has resulted in them becoming more and more commonplace. At the forefront of these new storage devices is Samsung, which is blazing forward with their new 850 EVO and 850 PRO line of disk drives. We stopped by Samsung’s booth at CES 2015 to learn […]

CES 2015: Kanex Introduces Thunderbolt 2.0 Express Dock

The battle for faster speeds is heating up in the Thunderbolt vs. USB war! While we were at CES 2015, we stopped by our friends at Kanex to check out their latest accessories. They gave us a preview of the new Thunderbolt 2.0 Express Dock, which is available for both Mac and PC users. The […]

CES 2012: Exclusive Interview with Super Talent’s Peter Carcione

Premium USB had a blast at CES 2012 this year and we saw no shortage of exciting flash drive and USB developments.  One of our favorite interviews was with Peter Carcione of Super Talent, who showed us the company’s vast selection of the latest SSD 3.0 drives and USB 3.0 flash drives. Super Talent is […]

CES 2012: Exclusive Interview with Victorinox

Blame it on the fact that they can transform anything into a Swiss Army knife, but every year at CES, we get excited to see the new ways that Victorinox uses USB flash drives.  This year, the leader in Swiss Army knives is going BIG in terms of storage–big as in 1TB.  To give you […]

Tough Enough? USB Flash Drive Durability Test (Video)

Dropping, dunking, crushing, searing, smashing—we’re not talking about an action blockbuster or match in a wrestling ring.  We’re talking about a series of tests that seven name brand USB flash drives faced all in the name of durability.  What’s more is that we caught it on tape for your enjoyment! Premium USB’s inspiration was sparked […]