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SDHC and SDXC Cards Receive New Speed Ratings for 4K Video

In the year 1450, Johannes Gutenberg developed the movable type printing press, which put the power of printing words into the hands of the masses. In the year 1900, Kodak released the Brownie camera, which was the first mass produced camera that was affordable enough for the common man. A decade ago, it would have […]

USB 3.5 Coming 2014

The USB Implementers Forum has decided to drop a bomb of a news. Come early 2014, the group, which dedicates itself to the advancement of the USB bus interface, will be releasing a new version of USB: the USB 3.5. It seems to be the USB-IF’s answer to Thunderbolt (though one has to point out […]

Red 5 Studios Creates Custom Flash Drive

Red 5 Studios is a computer game company, dedicated to creating great online experiences for gamers all over the world. Referring to online communities as tribes, the company works hard to connect millions of gamers together for shared online experiences, which they believe offer a richer and deeper online gaming than simply a standalone game. […]

Five Methods for USB Flash Drive Security

It’s important that every flash drive user knows that there’s more than one way to protect your digital data.  These different layers of protection address multiple security concerns.  You should be armed with the knowledge of what’s out there to protect you and how custom USB flash drives are versatile in helping your data stay […]