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Free Useful Tools For Custom Flash Drive Data Recovery

Unfortunately, lightning can and will strike when you least expect it.  In this instance, the lightning is a power outage, too many write cycles, accidental deletion, or a fatal error message, while the rod—is the data on your custom USB flash drive.  Your documents, software and multimedia seem to disappear into the digital abyss and […]

Update: World’s Largest USB Flash Drive

The quest for the biggest and fastest in technology is a constant pursuit and finding the largest USB flash drive on the market is no exception.  The last time we discussed the topic was back in 2010, when Kingston impressed consumers with the 256GB DataTraveler 310.  As today’s products prove, that title crown was a […]

CES 2012: Exclusive Interview with Super Talent’s Peter Carcione

Premium USB had a blast at CES 2012 this year and we saw no shortage of exciting flash drive and USB developments.  One of our favorite interviews was with Peter Carcione of Super Talent, who showed us the company’s vast selection of the latest SSD 3.0 drives and USB 3.0 flash drives. Super Talent is […]

CES 2012: Exclusive Interview with Victorinox

Blame it on the fact that they can transform anything into a Swiss Army knife, but every year at CES, we get excited to see the new ways that Victorinox uses USB flash drives.  This year, the leader in Swiss Army knives is going BIG in terms of storage–big as in 1TB.  To give you […]

Flash Drives on the Go with Ford’s USB Music Box

Face it, if your car is an older model that’s not equipped with a USB port, your music options are limited to your CD player or your MP3 player connected by clunky adapters and cables that are more of a distraction than entertainment.  As a result, Ford has come up with a solution for some […]