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Is Thunderbolt a True USB Challenger?

Just when you thought the world of technology couldn’t get any more exciting, Intel finally releases information about their Light Peak technology now codenamed “Thunderbolt”. Now it’s actually been a couple of weeks since Intel’s big announcement but many are still left wondering if Thunderbolt will be a true competitor for the already existing and […]

What does “Safely Remove Hardware” mean?

For anyone who has ever plugged in a USB device such as a USB flash drives or external storage, you may have noticed that you will have a bubble that appears that says “Safely Remove Hardware”. Or if you have used the device and are familiar with your bottom right taskbar, you will have noticed […]

USB Tablets: Why the iPad 2 struck out while others hit a Home Run

The tablet PC season is in full swing this week as Apple announced the release of its second generation iPad, the iPad 2. The new iPad is thinner, lighter, and faster than the first generation iPad and has plenty of new features that will make customers lining up out the door to have one. But […]

Troubleshooting: USB Device Not Recognized

While USB drives are designed to be rugged, durable, and dependable by design, there are times where you wonder if that is truly the case. A common problem floating around on USB drives and other USB devices is when your computer displays the message “USB Device Not Recognized”. This popup message means that your computer […]

How Hot can a USB Flash Drive Get?

Like all forms of technology, USB drives can become warm if not hot to the touch through repetitive or prolonged use. As discussed in our recent blog “Why Flash Drives get Hot”, heating up is only natural as is to be expected with all technology. However exactly how hot should a USB flash drive get […]