5 Reasons Why Custom USBs Are Great For Marketing

By · Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

The key to effective marketing is getting the right materials in front of the right people. And for a long time, the “right materials” meant the usual suspects: Business cards, direct mail, emails… While these are all valid and useful marketing tools in their own right, they’re also the tools that all your competitors are using. If you want to stand out, market yourself with something that’s a little out of left field: Spread the word about your business with custom USBs!


Custom USB drives have gained a lot of popularity among marketers over the last few
years. They aren’t as commonplace as business cards yet, which makes them stand out as a refreshing novelty when you hand them out to clients and customers. But the “shock of the new” isn’t the only reason why custom USBs are great for marketing: Here are five reasons why you should trust custom flash drives to take your business to the next level.


#1. They are cost-effective

One of the biggest misconceptions that surrounds custom USBs is that they are expensive to produce. Nothing could be further from the truth! You can purchase large quantities of customized flash drives at tremendous values. And the more drives you get, the more you save: At Premium USB, the price per individual drive decreases depending on the quantity of your order!

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As an example: Let’s look at the Revolution, one of our most popular models. Buying 25 of them in bulk (with 128MB of data storage) will cost around $5.30 per unit; Buying 50 of the same model would cost $3.52 a drive! That’s less than .03 per MB! And the higher the order, the lower the costs per unit!

Consider as well just how MUCH you can store on a flash drive. A 1GB flash drive could store an average of 170 MP3 songs (at an average of 6MB per song), and 850 pictures (average of 1.2MB per picture)! And since documents tend to be smaller than other media files, that means you can pack a HUGE amount of Word docs and PDFs and Excel spreadsheets into a single flash drive!

So what does that mean for you, from a marketing perspective? Savings. Think of how expensive it can be to print out catalogs, introductory packets, and other documents. A 1,000 page document printed multiple times can rack up a large cost quickly. Take that same 1,000 pages and save them on a flash drive and you’ve just saved yourself a LOT of time and money.


#2. They are built to last

Flash drives are designed to be durable. Most USB models are made to be scratch resistant and shock resistant, able to withstand daily wear and tear at home or in your pocket. This stands in stark contrast to most other kinds of marketing materials, which tend to be made out of print. Business cards and fliers can get torn, crumpled up, water damaged, or fall apart with very little help. Flash drives , on the other hand, were made to hold up to the abuse that can come with frequent use. Check out this video we made where we test our flash drives and push them to their limits! See for yourself just how tough and reliable our USBs are.


#3. They are useful

An added benefit of using USBs as marketing tools is that they are useful data storage tools. When you give someone a card or send them an email, there’s often no value-add attached to it. It spreads awareness about your business, but it doesn’t give the consumer anything beyond that.

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With a customized USB, not only are they finding out about your brand but they are also gaining an invaluable tool that can help make their lives easier. The fact that YOU gave them that tool could create feelings of reciprocity and goodwill that could pay off huge for your business. GIve people something of real value and they will be more likely to want to return the favor.


#4. They stick around

It’s easy to lose track of business cards or fliers. Emails are even worse: Even the most well-crafted and appealing of promo emails could end up buried beneath a mountain of new messages in an inbox. As the old saying goes: “Out of sight, out of mind.” What good is it in investing print marketing materials if they’re just going to get lost in the shuffle?

This is where custom USBs really start to shine! Because of their unique designs and easy portability, it’s the kind of marketing that people would be willing to carry around with them. There’s a better chance a potential client will be carrying your customized USB in their pocket than your business card. Because USBs are such useful devices, they’ll be a regular part of your customer’s lives in a way that no other type of marketing tool could hope to achieve. And every time they pull out their flash drive to move data or transfer their music, they’ll see your logo printed on that drive: A constant reminder that your brand exists. That’s why custom USBs are so invaluable: They give your brand a PRESENCE in other people’s lives. This type of repeated exposure to your brand is more likely to lead to future sales and interactions with your customers than a one time print or radio ad.


Another thing that custom USB drives got working in their favor is their perceived value. People are less likely to throw away a flash drive because they’ll think it’s more expensive and valuable than a business card.


#5. They can convey more information

There’s only so much information you can pack into a flier or card. Custom USBs have a major advantage over other marketing materials in that they can be preloaded with data! You can fill your custom USBs with data when you order them. That means you can preload them with PDFs, images, sound files, URLs, and any other additional information you want to pass on to your clients. At Premium USB, we offer up to 100MB of FREE data preloading, but you don’t have to stop there! Preload as much data as you want in your custom USB drives. Use this as an opportunity to tell people the story of your brand!.

An added benefit of preloading promotional USBs is that it gives your customers a feeling of agency. You’re not trying to push all this information on them: It’s there for them to read if they feel like it. That kind of soft sell can make a big difference: It shows respect for your customers, as well as a quiet faith in your business. You don’t need to tell them how great a company you are: They can find out for themselves by exploring all that preloaded data in their USB.

Would you like to find out more about how custom USBs can give your marketing a winning edge? Get in touch with us at Premium USB. We’d love to tell you more about what these little technological marvels can do for you!


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