How Our USB Cases Help Close Cases

By · Monday, September 26th, 2016

When people think of industries that benefit most heavily from USB technology, visions of Silicon Valley are more likely to be dancing through their heads than their local courthouse. But here’s an interesting tidbit we’ve discovered over the years at Premium USB: USB technology has a big impact on our legal system!

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One professional industry that has really embraced USB flash drives are court reporters. Court reporters have to generate and handle a tremendous amount of data: Courtroom transcriptions, depositions, realtime reports, video testimonies, litigation documents, and all sorts of other vitally important pieces of data! And not only do court reporters have to deal with storing all this data, they also have to make it mobile: Whether it’s sharing the data with clients or other attorneys or being archived for future reference, they have to be able to move all that data quickly and efficiently. That’s where our USBs come in.

With our high performance Hi-Speed USBs, court reporters can move anywhere from 16GB to 32GB worth of data at a time! Being able to store all that data on such a small, compact device also makes it easy to pass it along if that informations needs to be shared immediately.

Court reporters don’t just take advantage of our USBs, though: They’re also big fans of our innovative Flash Pac packaging! The Flash Pac is one of our most versatile USB packaging solutions. It comes in a durable case with an outer vinyl sleeve. Not only does it safely secure any style of flash drive inside it, it also comes with inner binder clips so you can insert printed materials inside the case! That’s one of the biggest reasons why court reporters love our Flash Pac: They’re able to include outlines, notes, and important physical documents inside the case that corresponds with the data packed on their drives!


Another advantage that the Flash Pac offers is that it is a very professional looking package. The legal world is a serious industry: The right presentation is CRUCIAL for success. Court reporters who want to make a strong impression with clients and advocates use our Flash Pacs because it adds an extra level of organization and polish to their work.


At Premium USB, we strive to create products that make everyone’s lives easier. In the 21st century, few things are as important for any business as proper data management and storage. Our USBs and USB packaging make handling data as easy as plugging a drive into a port. We’re proud of the fact that our Flash Pacs help legal professionals do their jobs.

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If you’re part of an industry that’s benefitted from custom USBs and would like to share your flash drive success stories, drop us a line. We’d love to help spread the good word about our favorite tools!




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