CES 2014: Kanex USB 3.0 SimpleDock

By · Friday, January 24th, 2014


CES 2014 Kanex USB 3.0 SimpleDockWe ran into Kanex at CES 2014 and were impressed by their latest product, a USB 3.0 docking station for the MacBook and iPhone. We took a moment to delve into this product and learn a little bit more about it.

The SimpleDock is a 3-in-1 USB 3.0 docking station and expansion dock for MacBook computers. It provides you with a fast networking experience thanks to its hardwired Gigabit Ethernet port – a critical critical piece of hardware omitted from the MacBook Pro’s design.

The dock also offers access to 3 additional USB devices via its trio of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, which is great for hooking up peripherals such as hard drives, flash drives, or even another monitor!


For those who hate the clutter of wires, the SimpleDock uses hidden cable management to keep your desk organized. You can place your smartphone on the dock for charging and syncing while staying connected to the host system. The slack cable is stored inside the dock.

The SimpleDock sounds great on paper, but having seen it first-hand at CES, I can attest that it looked and felt even better in person. The dock surprised me with its weight, which is good because it won’t slide around the desk when a computer is docked in it. The zinc alloy exterior and smoothly rounded corners look straight out of Cupertino, with all the fit and finish of a genuine Apple product.

Overall, it’s a really cool accessory for Apple users. Well, I guess we weren’t the only ones impressed by the SimpleDock’s abundance of features and cool, minimalist design. That’s because Kanex received a Design and Innovation Honoree Award at the 2014 CES for this product. Well done!


If you’re interested in picking one up, they are in stores and online now for $119 MSRP. That’s not a bad price, considering how much thought and design went into this gorgeous-looking dock.

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