Red 5 Studios Creates Custom Flash Drive

By · Wednesday, September 4th, 2013


Red 5 Studios is a computer game company, dedicated to creating great online experiences for gamers all over the world. Referring to online communities as tribes, the company works hard to connect millions of gamers together for shared online experiences, which they believe offer a richer and deeper online gaming than simply a standalone game. Premium USB is proud to have created custom flash drives for Red 5 Studios.

Red 5 Studios

Red-5-Studios_TribeRed 5 Studios believes that online games and persistent worlds are the future of video games. They want to transform gaming experience through their own online technologies because the company is bent on innovation – always asking “what’s next?” and “what to create in a future that has free bandwidth, unlimited storage for players, and games powered by supercomputers?”

Red 5 Studios never stops to create not just games but bold new worlds for players to conquer, explore, and have their adventure in. They develop games based on original stories that have compelling characters and input their own art, sound, and code. Red 5 allows its players to live out their heroic alter egos in an alternate universe.  At the same time, they enable them to craft their own stories, experience unique moments and journeys while travelling the most immersive worlds they can create.

Custom Flash Drive for Red 5 Studios

Red-5-Custom-DrivePremium USB has always been impressed with what Red 5 Studios offers to the gaming world and the millions of players out there. Working with their team, we designed and created a custom molded flash drive based on their logo. Like all our custom drives, this one features rich color. Made of pliable PVC, it stands up well to the everyday use of plugging in and uploading data. It feels great in the hand and has an easy to remove, but sturdy cap on the base.

The team at Red 5 Studios explained that this custom flash drive is an important element in their marketing. As they go to trade shows, meet with the Tribe, talk to investors and share their amazing work, they use their custom logo flash drive to get the word out. The logo is an easy call out for people to remember who they are. But it’s more than just a token, each flash drive is pre-loaded with data about the company, including press releases, employee profiles, and other pertinent information – from videos and photos to spreadsheets and documents.


We had a chance to talk with Jeff about their custom logo flash drive.

Q. What are your needs and how does a USB drive help you?

“Attracting top talent in the games industry is a challenge and getting heard above the noise can be tricky. These USB drives offer gamers and game developers  a practical tool which they can keep and use.”

Q. What kind of content do you put on the drives?

“[The flash drives] are preloaded with vids that showcase our game Firefall, the Studio at Red 5 and our company culture of passion and creativity.”

Q. Where and how do you use your custom USBs?

“They are small and very handy to pass out at Trade Shows. Easy to carry and easy to receive. Everyone loves them and no one has refused to receive one yet. Lots of compliments on this as a recruitment tool for sure.”


There are 4 easy steps to creating your own custom shape flash drive:

  1. Your Idea or Inspiration: Find a photo or do stick-drawing sketch of what your idea is for the drive.
  2. Contact PremiumUSB: Get a custom quote for your shaped usb based off your idea.
  3. Our Illustrated Drawing: We will render dimensional illustrations with detail of the drive.
  4. Production: After you approve your illustration we produce the custom molded and mass produce your custom usb shaped drives.



Best known for Firefall, its first entry into the PC online gaming space as a team. Set in a future earth, the story of Firefall hinges from a starship disaster that unleashed a colossal amount of energy that envelopes and wipes out most of the Earth. This massive energy story, referred to as the Melding, produced hostile creatures who call themselves the Chosen. Players of Firefall must band together, create armies, and collect resources to craft their own weapons and vehicles to fight back and destroy the Chosen. Firefall is a fast paced combat and MMO. It is also said to be the largest co-op shooter ever created.

Red 5 Studios are for the gamers – the players. They provide the stage, props, lights, and supporting cast. They make the players the heroes, the stars of the story. The company wanted players to have fun and experience a wonderful, shared mutual fantasy with millions of other players in the world of an online game.


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