Town Pump in Montana Succeeds with College Licensed Mobile Accessories

By · Wednesday, July 31st, 2013


Town Pump is a leading convenience store and gas station exclusively in Montana. Founded 60 years ago, Town Pump has grown to nearly 100 stores that service the needs of residents across the state. Their official history states:

Through continuous reinvestment we are able to meet our customers’ demands and complement our current business structure.  By paying attention to details we have […] extensive inventories to offer more selection for our customer.

Quickly developing to every corner of Montana, Town Pump has seen success selling licensed mobile accessories, from cell phone cases to earbuds and phone chargers.

Success in Key Locations

Town Pump is having success selling unique branded mobile accessories in locations that have a good mix of products, heavy foot traffic and proximity to the state’s two big schools, Montana State Bobcats and University of Montana Grizzlies.

Regional schools also sell well with Oregon Ducks merchandise getting picked up because of their large brand presence and national recognition.

On the Floor

IMAG2609Placement is key to selling great products. At the register is a great place to put small impulse purchases. Often, branded car chargers with universal USB ports for charging smart phones do very well at the register. Everyone has had a dead cell phone on a road trip at sometime, and a car charger has saved me in many instances!

End caps also are a great way to show off the well-designed packaging and products. With local schools and bigger regional/national players, having cell phone cases and earbuds on the end of aisles draws attention to the product AND down the aisles for increased incremental sales.

Identity Shopping

People gravitate to the things that they feel define them. College sports teams have huge following and play a big role in people’s lives and identities. In a state like Montana, you are either a Grizzly or a Bobcat. Seeing products featuring those teams draws shoppers in and makes a sale much easier than if it were just an unbranded accessory.

Get the Right Mix For Your Store

With over 170 universities and college sports team, and licenses with U.S. ARMY(R), US Navy and Susan G. Komen and more, there are literally hundreds of products and brands to choose from that will meet the interests and identities of customers who frequent each store in the U.S.A.


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