Paul and Storm Musical Comedy Duo Custom USB

By · Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

We recently wrote about 4 Tips for Marketing Your Business. Choosing a promotional item that has actual value and represents  your brand is key. However, in the crowded world of promotional products, water bottles and packaged mints are all too common and really don’t provide the lasting value a customer wants. Creating something custom is ideal. Making that custom product functional means you will have people using it again and again. When that customized product is a uniquely shaped flash drive, loaded with music, videos and more, you have a winner that is more than just a marketing tool, it is also a great way to give more to loyal fans and friends.

We recently spoke with Paul Sabourin of the sardonic musical group Paul and Storm to understand how they used a phenomenal custom USB flash drive that they created and loaded with all kinds of digital goodies, in their marketing.

Paul and Storm have infiltrated YouTube with their episodic show “Learning Town.” Their parody of a children’s variety shows is full of sarcastic wit and  feels like the child of “Wonder Showzen” and “Mr. Show” with a little “Tim & Eric” thrown in for good measure. They have die-hard fans from their four previous full-length albums and a variety show called w00tstock which they founded with nerd kings Wil Wheaton (formerly of Star Trek: Next Generation) and Adam Savage (of MythBusters).

Their real-yet-fake-yet-real band, Paul and Storm is the main thrust of “LearningTown, a ten-episode musical web series on Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel (which debuted Jan 15, 2013). It’s about a music/comedy duo named “Paul and Storm” (played by us—what a stretch!) who take over an old-style kids show, and follows their efforts to keep it alive while battling the machinations of a rival show, repeatedly-flammable puppets, and (most of all) their own incompetence.”

We spoke with Paul Sabourin who answered some questions about their amazing USB Flash Drive.

Q. How did/are you using the custom usb drive? Is it promotional, a gift at your shows/panels, merch, available for sale on your site?

A. We use them as special packaging for “all the things”–they contain all our CDs and a bunch of bonus material not available on CD.


Q. How do people respond to the flash drive?

A. We’ve been very surprised at how popular they are; even people who already have most of our other music will often purchase one, just because people like to have a unique, new physical object. Or something.


Q. Do you want a billion more?

A. Are you offering a discount?


Q. Will flash drives take over the world and completely replace CDs and RE-revolutionize the music industry?

A. I am more concerned that they plan to take over the world and make us into their slaves. But yes.

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