Why Photographers Should Use Custom Flash Drives

By · Thursday, February 28th, 2013

As a professional photographer you work with great and interesting clients, from wedding parties and brides, newborns, beautiful family portraits and other great subjects. You have edited them, perfected every frame and eliminated every blemish. Then you likely burned them on to a CD or DVD to deliver to your client. Voila, you have done your job and you are proud of your work!

professional photography custom usbHowever, the consumer market is quickly moving towards a disc-free existence. As a photographer, take note of this recent development – USB drives are the one constant amid all the technology changes. With growing options for professional, custom USB flash drives and exquisite packaging, you can give your clients a perfectly packaged portfolio they can use again and again! The best way to promote your business and provide a lasting impression is to put your work in a format that is easiest for your client.

Deliver Your Photography On USB

When presenting your content to customers, custom flash drives are the way to go. But, why USB drives and not other formats, like CDs or DVDs? If you are like most photographers, you are used to taking your final images, burning them to disc and delivering that to the client. However, more and more people are abandoning any and all discs for more convenient digital formats, like flash drives. So, why use USB flash Drives?

1. Stay Current with Technology

The most important factor to think about is the speed at which technology develops. As a photographer, you can’t afford to offer an outdated format to customers who are constantly looking for the best and latest. Over the past years, flash drives have flooded the market and it has become a widely-used form of storage. And with the threat of obsolescence forever plaguing optical media, it’s a good idea to stay ahead.

2. Make Sharing Your Work Easy

Your client wants nothing more than to immediately share the special moments you’ve captured, edited and perfected with their friends, family and hundreds of others in their social network. When a person gets a CD these days, they start to wonder if they have the software on their computer to download the images, what will happen if the disc scratches and how long will they hold onto that CD since they have just purged all their other discs. Using a unique flash drive lets your client quickly upload your photographs and get them out to the people they love.

professional photography custom usb

3. Save Money And Get Better Results

Another advantage of using flash drives is the price. Surprisingly, flash drives are available at low costs and low minimums with full printing included. The new custom camera shaped USB drive is available in a range of data storage capacities, ranging from 128MB to 23GB. Have a lot of shoots booked? Stock up and save more with preferred pricing for bulk orders.

4. Promote Your Business

One last advantage to using flash drives is branding. Flash drives are highly customizable. Color, drive design, and the inclusion of logos all play a role in making sure that your brand gets advertised even after you finish a contract with your customers. A photographer that wants to make an impact in their marketing and leave a lasting impression with a client can print their logo and pre-load data on the drive with contact information, rate sheets and special offers

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