How To Make Make A Custom USB Flash Drive That Looks Like A USB Cable

By · Thursday, October 4th, 2012

How To Make Make A Custom USB Flash Drive That Looks Like A USB CableCustomizing your own USB drive is fun. Making it look like a USB power cable that is frayed and disconnected is really funny! Even better, this is a great tip for making your own DIY custom USB flash drive. With just a few simple steps and a few tools, you too can make heads turn when you pull out your USB drive, plug it in to your laptop, and all anyone else sees is a broken cord.

The uses for a custom USB drive are many, from storing movies, photos and music to updating operating systems with the newest software. Of course, they can also power your devices – but not this one! So read below for the step by step directions from how to make your own custom USB flash drive.


Get together an old USB cord, a small flash drive like the Versa Clip USB flash drive. Now get  pair of pliers, cutters and electrical tape.

Step 1

Grab the old USB cable. Cut open the rubber casing holding the  USB connector.

Step 2

Take out the old USB connector and insert the small USB drive.

Step 3

Use the electrical tape to close and secure the cable.

Step 4

Finally, cut the cable and expose the wires (now totally incapable of doing anything but fooling onlookers). Fray the inside cables.

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