Google Cloud Computer Servers

By · Monday, October 29th, 2012

Google Cloud Computer ServersEvery cloud computing network depends on an enormous computer infrastructure as a backbone. Google has a massive one backing up its cloud service. One data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa is one of the many homes of Google servers; that center alone covers over 115,00 square feet of area devoted servers continuously processing data.

We have written about the growing trend of cloud storage, particularly that it is possible and necessary for both cloud storage and flash storage, such as USB drives to coexist. While many people want to be able to sync their data for access when they are mobile, there are many types of data that people don’t want floating around in the Cloud – from personal pictures, medical information to software and other private documents.

Except for a glimpse in 2009, Google has pretty much kept the hardware backing up its system under wraps. Fortunately for the curious, Google decided to give people another peek this week – through the digital world. The company published a site containing photos of its facilities, scattered around the world from places such as Belgium, Finland, and more. Some facilities even have a special Street View tour, like the one based in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Google’s facilities in Mayes County, Oklahoma and Lenoir, North Carolina put into perspective just how big the company’s operations are. Inside the facility in Mayes Country, numerous fans drive away the hot air emanating from the servers to keep them from overheating. There are so many present in one large room that there seems to be an innumerable number of server racks. Switch over to the facility in Lenoir and the scenario hasn’t changed much. The count of servers in the facility alone is at 49,923. The exact number of servers under Google’s ownership, however, eludes even the company itself. Over a million is a probable estimate, but a very vague one.

Though Google is not the only company with a large network of servers (Microsoft, Yahoo, and Dell have amassed their own collections, too), Google is extraordinary in the breadth and innovation of its operations. Its servers are partly the reason why the company has become so successful, and it handles the servers maintains Google’s edge over its competitors. One interesting approach is keeping servers exposed to temperatures slightly warmer (about 77 degrees Fahrenheit) than room temp. Precise heat control is key to keep the servers from overheating. What results, however, are servers that are getting “progressively faster and cheaper” to maintain, since less energy is being spent on air conditioning. Google has a few other tricks up its sleeves, but it won’t be divulging those anytime soon to keep its edge in the market.

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