Apple Lightning Connectors Getting Stuck in USB Ports

By · Monday, October 8th, 2012

Apple Lightning Connectors Getting Stuck in USB PortsThe recent release of the new iPhone 5 has been another success in sales for Apple. The company was able to rake in the profits from a total of 5 million units sold in the span of three days after the iPhone’s official release. But for some users, the honeymoon phase has come to an abrupt end. Why? Apple’s new Lightning cable has a tendency of getting stuck in USB ports. They are one of the many complaints being hurled at the new iPhone. With the change to the 30-pin connector, there is one more step against traditional USB flash drives and ports.

Initial reception of the new Apple Lightning cable was generally positive, and for most iPhone 5 users still is. Many found the Lightning connector end of Apple’s new cable a stroke of ingenuity and convenience – the Lightning end can be connected to the iPhone 5 any which way. Troublesome news struck when some users reported problems with the USB end of the cable. According to their experiences, the USB connector would get stuck in their ports; they either had to work hard to pry the USB cable off or take it to an Apple service center for expert extraction.

A couple of threads regarding the issue have appeared in forums for Apple products. The reason the new Lightning cables would get stuck is the fact that the two notches located on the back side of the USB connector are too deep. The notches on a standard USB end serve as an anchor, so users can avoid accidentally detaching USB cables with slight movements.

The problem with the Lightning cable’s too-deep notches is that the pins that secure connectors in USB ports burrow so deep that the port’s hold on the connector becomes too tight, essentially locking the connector in place and making it extremely difficult to remove. For the iPhone users that who are encountering this USB problem, Apple is willing to provide a replacement cable. It remains unverified, however, whether the replacement cables that Apple will offer to users are an improvement from the Lightning USB cables that came with the iPhone during the gadget’s launch. Aside from the USB connector issue, iPhone 5 users are also plagued with some software deficiencies. Problems with Wi-Fi and iOS 6 Maps are some of the more commonly reported problems.

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