SD Cards See Market Increase Internationally

By · Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

SD Cards See Market Increase InternationallyWith the mobile sector experiencing huge growth because of smartphones, tablets, and SSDs, the demand for SD cards are poised to expand. The markets for Europe and Asia are now the largest regional markets and will likely continue on an upward trend with China, India, and Russia leading the way as emerging markets for SD cards in the regions, guaranteeing constant, if not increased, demand for the memory format.

SD Cards are a popular way of storing flash data, perfect for quick processes made necessary by cameras and smartphones. These small digital storage tools are a form of flash memory, similar to USB flash drives, that come in many sizes and forms. With their variety of uses, they can be easily customized and are rising in demand all over the world.

Analysts View

According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), a well-known market research publisher and forecasting company, the global market for Secure Digital (SD) cards may well reach $21.3 billion by 2018. Once you’ve considered the growth of the mobile sector and high demand for smartphones and tablets, it becomes easier to envision the kind of figure GIA comes up with. A more detailed observation of current trends in technology yields even more insight as to why SD cards will be tapping into such a large international market in the future.

Current Trends

Today’s technology market is driven by all things fast, storage-dense, portable, and user-friendly. As devices imbedded with flash memory technology (to which all the adjectives previously mentioned can be applied), SD cards are already some of the preferred formats for memory storage. The cards themselves benefit from their small size, high performance, and installation ease. As a result, more than 400 brands currently incorporate SD technology into their products, establishing SD cards as the industry standard for storage. The growth of NAND flash technology helps out the SD market even more, providing significant increases in storage capacity and writing speed with each new generation.

Potential Threats

The only possible threat that may surface to counter the demand for SD memory storage, mostly in the mobile sector, is the release of next-generation devices that already have a high memory storage capacity built-in, effectively eliminating the need for the external storage provided by SD.


For now, GIA’s analysis is that there will be an increase in the demand for SD cards, with the standard SD format marketed more to developed markets in North America and Europe, and the micro SD format, to developing markets in Asia.

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