How-To: Create Your Own Icon for Your USB Flash Drive

By · Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Have you ever wanted to use a picture YOU chose for an icon? When you get a new flash drive, especially if it’s a Flashscot college logo USB drive, the icon is the same standard thing. With this How-To we show how to create an icon that will show up wherever you plug in your USB. You can even rename the USB, so if someone forgets it to give it back, they will be reminded where it came from.

This tutorial is a totally free way of doing things, which means we use a few free programs that you can download, or if you have ones that you know of and work for you, please use them.

Zoner – Photo editing software

ConvertIcon – Converts your image into an ICO file

NotePad – Standard with Microsoft operating systems (removes all document formatting)

Here are the written directions:


  1. Open Zoner, photo editing software
  2. Identify a picture you want to associate with your drive
    1. i.      The files navigation appears in the left hand side of Zoner
    2. ii.      Find the image and select it
    3. Select the Editor tab in the right-hand top side of Zoner
    4. Select the Croping tool
    5. From the drop down menu bar (Ratio) select Fixed Aspect (1:1) and create a square box.
    6. Right click to crop
    7. From the tool bar, select “Edit
    8. Select “Resize” from the drop down menu that appears
      1. In the pop up screen, change the Width and Height under “Resample Image” to 128 x 128
      2. Click Okay
      3. Save the Image to your computer
        1. Click “File” on the tool bar
        2. Select “Save As” from the drop down menu
        3. Rename the image, in the “File Name” bar
        4. Save as “JPEG Image (*.jpg), in the “Save as type” drop down bar
        5. Save to a convenient location (Desktop for example)
        6. Click save
        7. Click “Okay” in the new pop up window
        8. Close Zoner.


  1. Open Convericon
    1. Click “Get Started
    2. A window should pop up so you can select the edited image you saved
    3. Change the file type to the third option, which will allow you to see all the JPEGs
    4. Select your edited image
      1. Click “Open
      2. Click “Export
      3. A new window opens and “Original Size (128×128)” is already checked –Perfect
        1. Click “Save As” and rename, such as “Bucky”, to a convenient location, such as the desktop.


  1. Create an INF file to rename the USB drive and add the icon
  2. Insert the USB drive
  3. Open Notepad (Enter the following, exactly)



Label=GO Badgers

  1. Click “File” in the tool bar
  2. Select “Save As” from the drop down menu
  3. Save As “autorun.inf
  4. Save to the Desktop
  5. Click “save
  6. Close Notepad
  7. Open the USB drive
    1. Go to Computer in the Start Menu
    2. Select the USB drive
    3. Create a folder called “Icon
    4. Open the folder and drag the final icon image from the desktop into the “Icon” folder in the USB drive
    5. Drag the .INF file (from Notepad) from the desktop into the root folder/USB drive (not in the Icon folder)
  8. Eject the USB drive
  9. Plug the USB drive back in and the icon and new label should appear!

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