Your Custom Shape USB Flash Drive Questions Answered

By · Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Custom Shaped Promotional USB Flash Drive MarketingAs seasoned pros at creating custom shape USB flash drives, we get a lot of questions from customers about what they can expect when they receive their final product.  After all, what you end up with is the result of collaboration between you and our creative services.  No matter what industry you’re in, custom shaped flash drives have the power to transform a dull marketing campaign into something special.  Premium USB’s creative team is here for any and all of your questions.   To help you get started on your custom shaped flash drive order with us, here are the answers to the top custom USB questions we receive.

Question 1: What kind of material can I use for my custom shape flash drive?

The short answer to this question is PVC, because it is a soft rubber that is versatile at molding into lots of different shapes.  It is the most common, most affordable solution as well.  However, we will create ones out of metal or wood, but the machine process to set up and carve these particular types of custom drives require an increased amount of time and expense which is therefore reflected in the price you pay.  Hard plastic custom drives are also a possibility but are less common considering the material is often used in standard, run-of-the-mill drives.

Question 2: Will my custom shaped USB flash drive plug into my computer ok?

Yes.  We strive to make sure that the custom design we come up with will not overlap on the sides of the USB connector.  Depending on your shape or logo, there may have to be a break in the design to delineate where the cap and body of the drive start and end.  As a result, that break will have to factor in the ability to plug in your USB drives without obstacle.

Question 3: Will my custom USB flash drives be raised or three-dimensional?

When it comes to adding detail and design to your drives, there is one of two options to choose from.  Let’s say you have a logo flash drive with a golf ball detail.  With a raised drive, the ball would be a layer on top of the rubber and appear as a circle.  Raised drives are more affordable because they’re easier for our machines to cut the curves and corners.  With this same design concept,  a 3D custom shape flash drive would have the golf ball protruding with an actual spherical shape.  Since you are dealing with a more complex mold, a 3D drive is more expensive.

Question 4: How many colors can I have on the drive?

We love to implement lots of color and pop into your design when it calls for it.  The standard amount of colors used is as many as 5 to 7.

Question 5: How soon can I have my flash drive?

Just like every USB, every turn time is unique.  From start to finish, a simple low quantity custom shaped USB drive in a raised style with PVC may take up to two weeks.  For more complex drives, turn times can be closer to three weeks.  But the end result is always worth the wait!

Premium USB is here to help you with any questions you may have.  We want your custom shaped drives match or exceed your expectations so fire away below with any additional questions and concerns!  Also, don’t forget to get our latest updates via Facebook and Twitter!

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