USB Flash Drive Industry News Roundup: July 2011

By · Monday, August 1st, 2011

Flash Drive Industry Roundup July 2011 Premium USB is dedicated to giving you the best flash drive products and services.  Part of that commitment means that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry.  To keep our customers and readers informed on all the latest news and developments, here’s our July industry roundup:

Apple’s Roaring Lion OS X Debut Via Flash Drive

Apple caused a stir by announcing that they will offer Lion OS X 10.7 on a flash drive as well as through download.  The caveat is that the flash drive version ($69) is more than double the cost of the online download ($29).  Last week we reported that there is a way to create your own Lion USB flash drive from the online download, should you have the bandwidth to accommodate its 4GB size.

Victorinox USB:  The Swiss Army of Flash Drives

Victorinox made waves at CES back in January by introducing their line of USB flash drives.  For tech geeks who have been anxious for its market release, the wait is over.  These flash drives not only look like an authentic Swiss Army knife, but they have a little bit of everything:  USB drive with biometric security, laser pointer, Bluetooth, blade, scissors, pen, nail file and more.

MOD Systems USB Kiosk Founder Sentenced to Prison

There will be one less flash drive kiosk business attempting to break into the mainstream market.  This past year, MOD Systems successfully beta tested Download2Go kiosks that let you transfer movie and music straight to your flash drive.  However, behind the scenes, MOD’s cofounder Mark Phillips faced trouble with the law.  This month, Phillips was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of money laundering and fraud which led to the company’s downfall.

According to an Assistant U.S. Attorney involved in the case, “Had Phillips done what he was supposed to do – develop an innovative product – rather than look for ways to embezzle money out of MOD, MOD might still be in business today, and the 35 or 40 employees who dedicated the last several years of their (lives) to MOD would still be gainfully employed, rather than looking for work.”

NAND Flash Densities Rise in Gaming Consoles and Devices

NAND is the essential component to our USB flash drives and according to iSuppli, industry insiders predict NAND densities will climb to 3.5GB in home consoles and 428MB in handhelds by 2015.  As a result, it is forecasted to boost removable storage development, especially in terms of USB 3.0, since consoles like Xbox 360 employ flash drives for storing downloaded games.

Mimoco Lands at Comic Con with New Swag

Boston-based design company Mimoco once again does its’ part to prove that custom USB drives have an important place in both pop culture and digital storage.  At this year’s Comic Con, the company introduced new Star Wars and Hello Kitty flash drives.  Mimoco simultaneously stepped up product storage capacities as well.  Once only available in sizes 16GB and under, Han Solo and friends are now 32GB and 64GB for heavy duty file demands.

Premium USB adds the Western USB Drive to Collection

Premium USB is always on the lookout for new styles to help you better customize your needs.  As a result, we recently added the Western USB flash drive.  Combining technology chic and a rustic vibe, this metal and leather drive provides several surfaces for logo printing.  It also comes with free data preloading.

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