Why You Should Be Interested in Flash Memory Summit 2011

By · Friday, July 29th, 2011

Flash Memory Summit 2011 It’s a unique meeting of the minds that’s crucial to the continued success and future of flash memory—the sixth annual Flash Memory Summit, August 9th through August 11th in Santa Clara, California.  Unlike the global attraction of CES with its vast range of niche technologies in one location, this convention sets itself apart in that it’s the only conference specifically and solely focused on flash memory and its applications (NAND flash memory is the primary component that makes your USB drives operate).

The Flash Memory Summit draws many of the industry’s biggest names, including SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrota, Micron VP Glen Hawk, Intel’s Knut Grimsrud and Hynix VP Seaung Suk Lee.

According to the Summit’s Chairperson, Tom Coughlin, it’s important to have an open dialogue about how to design tomorrow’s applications and devices with flash.

“Upcoming changes to data storage architectures in smart devices, PCs and enterprises could drive the flash memory market past $60 billion by 2015,” Coughlin says.  “Engineers, marketers, and executives all face new challenges.”

As a result, what happens at the summit has a heavy influence on the products that consumers will buy.  For example, panelists from Micron, SandForce, Cipher Solutions and other companies will address the security issues of flash memory and explore solutions—as its biggest selling points can also be its greatest privacy weaknesses (easy access, small size, non-volatility).  For the end user, this could mean improvements for flash drives, SSDs and systems in terms of encryption methods, how content is delivered and how threats are analyzed—giving customers what they truly want and need in a product.

Another example from the Flash Memory Summit; a talk that discusses current obstacles of NAND flash.  As bit density increases in some monolithic NAND flash applications, data retention and reliability can suffer.  This presentation analyzes what the industry faces and solutions to tackle it.  For the consumer, this could translate to higher quality USB flash drives and other portable devices.  Next generation flash drives will be able to better preserve your multimedia memories and important documents for greater longevity.

With a three day long summit, these discussions are just the beginning.  We’ll stay tuned for more of the convention’s exciting flash memory developments.

Consumers, industry insiders, weigh in!  What would you like to hear addressed at the Flash Memory Summit?

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