Benefits of USB Data Loading

By · Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

 USB Data Loading Benefits We often put all of our focus on the shape, color, material and artwork that makes up our custom USB flash drives.  What many don’t realize is that these devices offer an amazing hidden opportunity for promotion:  USB data loading.  As a service offered by PremiumUSB, files are loaded onto custom flash drives by our technology experts.  From the moment that customers plug in the drive, they can view content related to your brand or organization.  This preloaded USB data can be anything you can dream up:  website links, catalogs, software, videos or music.

Our USB data preloading service takes on three forms.  There’s the actual data loading (the process of when your files are duplicated to every flash drive in your order), USB auto launch (when we create an interactive menu that starts up the moment you plug in your flash drive) and USB data lock (when Premium USB creates a locked partition so your files cannot be deleted).

With all of these options to customize your USB flash drive from the inside for maximum effectiveness, here’s how you can benefit:

-   Preloaded flash drives give your promotion portability.  No matter where you carry your USB drive, your brand and information is along for the ride every time they plug it into a port.

-   USB data preloading lets you promote to a captive audience as opposed to traditional forms of advertising, which involve passive listening or watching.  Radio and TV channels can be switched, billboards fly by in an instant.  People are actively engaged when they use their computer.   This is a perfect way for your videos, catalogs, etc. to be explored for as long as an individual wants or needs.

-   It is both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.  In this case, your wallet and the environment share equal benefits.  You eliminate the need to spend additional cash on physical marketing materials like the paper and ink used to create brochures, catalogs, letters and more.  Naturally, you waste less by eliminating the use of these materials.

-   A custom preloaded USB flash drive gives users a positive association with your business, organization or products.  A flash drive is a hot commodity and with its storage ability, can provide countless uses.  With your brand attached to that kind of versatility and innovation, you’re more likely to be remembered for all the right things.

Can you think of any additional benefits to preloaded USB flash drives?

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