Funny USB Flash Drive Fails

By · Friday, May 27th, 2011

Internet culture has evolved into some strange brands of humor and nowhere is this more evident than with FAILS.  At Premium USB, we’re mixing things up a bit and we’ve compiled a list of flash drive fails to keep you entertained.  Some may make you shake your head in vicarious embarrassment, others may make you chuckle, and then there are the fail examples that are simply face-palm stupid.  Enjoy!

Dead Mouse USB Drive

We’ve mentioned this one before, but this idea for a custom flash drive is such an epic fail, it earned a spot on our list.  Add one part dead mouse to one part USB chip with connector.  It equals one creepy storage device.

Fail USB Mouse Pic

4 G Money

Apparently there’s no spell check for the price tag of this USB flash drive.  Although 4 G money has a unique ring to it.

Fail USB Pricetag Pic

Rock Yo Thumb Drive

Just because you rap about something doesn’t make it cool.  This lady’s little ditty about a thumb drive is a perfect example.  It goes on about a minute and a half too long.


Creativity has no limits for USB storage devices.  Who knew babies were hot pluggable?  Someone just needs to install the proper drivers.

Fail USB Baby Pic

Fake HDD

Major USB fail!  What do you get when you buy a shoddy 500GB Chinese hard drive?  A counterfeit Samsung with super-glued 128MB flash chips and two metal bolts to add weight for “authenticity”.

Fail Fake Samsung USB Hard Drive Pic

Ony, a new brand

Nice try, counterfeiters.  If you want to pull off a Sony flash drive, it might do you good to add an “S”.

Fail Pic SONY USB Thumb Drive

On the rails

A train versus a flash drive makes a no-brainer winner here. Surprising durability tests by our company have shown though that they can survive a lot.  Nonetheless, this video, not done by us, was probably made by some bored kids.  To see the action (if you want to call it that) go to about :57.

Ridiculous flash drive tutorial

There’s nothing wrong with this video, but the fact that this guy has to actually explain which port a flash drive fits into is kind of sad.  Maybe some people need to go back to mastering round holes, square pegs and other block puzzles before graduating to USB ports.

Have you come across USB flash drive fails that you’d like to share?

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