DIY USB Duplication with Accutower Flash VX Standalone USB Duplicator

By · Monday, May 16th, 2011

DIY USB Duplication Accutower If you’re relying on your computer system’s USB port for flash drive duplication, you better have a lot of time and patience.  Let’s just say you need to transfer 4GB of data (which is an average storage capacity) to multiple USB drives.  Before you calculate how much time it’ll take, you’ll have to take into account your connection speed, computer specs, programs running and type of USB flash drive you are using.

On average a USB flash drive will transfer 1GB of data in 3 to 9 minutes.  As a result, you could be pushing 40 minutes of transfer time per drive.  Even if you’re using something like a 7 port USB hub, the flash drives are still essentially copies one by one.  If you need to duplicate 50 or more flash drives, you could be working with days’ worth of copying under the assumption you won’t work around the clock.

There’s a much easier way to spare your time and sanity.  The solution—an Accutower Flash VX USB duplicator.  First, you can customize the number of ports you want in your duplicator tower; it includes 1 master port and 6 up to 118 duplicating ports.  Whatever file formats you’re working with, this flash drive duplicator will accommodate then.  Your computer system on the other hand may run into some compatibility issues.

With a standalone USB duplicator, you don’t even need to use your desktop, which frees you to work in the programs you need.  If you were just duplicating from your computer, you’d need to close your applications to achieve ultimate speed in transfers.  No matter how many USB ports you decide to go with, each one achieves up to 2GB per minute.   As a result, your USB flash drives are duplicated in a fraction of the time.  You’ll end up spending the most time simply inserting each storage device into the multiple duplication ports. From there, you’ll use the intuitive four-button interface to start the process.  How easy is that?

Should you have any questions on DIY USB duplication, you can take advantage of Premium USB’s free lifetime technical support.

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